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What Patients Say: Inguinal Hernias

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Mike Lovenguth

Sunday was the 2 year anniversary (Feb. 10, 2006) of my hernia surgery where you painstakingly and expertly removed all of the mesh plug that had migrated around my colon from my previous surgery.

I am doing well and just wanted to THANK YOU AGAIN for what you did for me. I especially want to thank you for NOT taking the "easy way" out on my surgery and leaving me with a colostomy bag! As always, I am here if any of your patients need to talk to me concerning surgery. You wanted to see me one last time this spring so I will probably see you then. Until that time, may GOD richly bless you and your family.

Mike Lovenguth

Looking for hernia surgeons, hernia doctors or information about hernias? The Hernia Center of Ohio, located in suburban Cleveland, Ohio, specializes in the repair of all types of hernias, including incisional hernias, hiatal hernia treatments and inguinal hernia repairs.

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