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Patient Video - Thanking for Treatment from Their Hernia Doctor

We appreciate the following video from the family of David, a courageous young patient.

Video Transcript: “If you are in chronic pain after hernia surgery, you are not alone...

My son, David (15) had surgery on 9/25/09. The mesh was wrapped around the spermatic cord and two nerves were entrapped. He was in severe pain until May 2010. He also could not keep solid food down and was on a liquid diet throughout this time. Coincidence? I think not!

He missed tenth grade. He was too sick for his sixteenth birthday party.

Someone recommended Dr. David Grischkan at the Hernia Center of Ohio (in a YouTube comment.)

Hernia doctor Dr. Grischkan worked the miracle no other doctor would attempt. Within a few hours of surgery (May 2010), David was eating. He needed no pain meds the next day. He is back to normal. We’re so happy to have our boy back – happy and healthy as ever!

I hope our testimonial helps others find this specialty hernia doctor, Dr. Grischkan. We are eternally grateful to him.

Hernia Doctor:
Do you have a hernia that needs repaired or have you had a repair and are still in pain? If so, you need a real hernia doctor - a hernia doctor specialized in difficult cases that other surgeons shy away from.

If you are suffering after unsuccessful hernia surgery, watch this video from a very satisfied young patient and his family.

Dr. Grischkan, the leading hernia doctor, has repaired over 20,000 hernias. He receives referrals from many physicians and when these same physicians are faced with hernia surgery, they put their trust in Dr. Grischkan.

Patients travel to Hernia Center of Ohio from across the USA as well as many countries when they need a hernia doctor with advanced experience in complicated repairs. The Modified Shouldice Technique (hyperlink), developed by Dr. Grischkan, is an outpatient procedure which uses advanced techniques that minimizes pain and complications. Recovery is quicker, often returning to full activity in two to three days.