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What Patients Say: Inguinal Hernias

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Stephen C. Schindler, Sr., M.D.
Commonwealth Gastroenterology Associates, PLLC

Just a brief note to once again thank you for everything that you have done for me.

My second inguinal herniorrhaphy once again went amazingly well. As you will recall, my surgery was on Friday morning, the 15th of February 2008, and I returned to Lexington, Kentucky by car immediately following the procedure. I was able to return to work on Monday morning, putting in my usual 14 hour day, and had no discomfort or other problems. Both of my operations went amazingly well and I will be forever grateful. I jokingly refer to you as "the great Grischkan"!

Over and above the surgery, I want to tell you what a smooth operation you have. Your office staff is wonderful and I was very impressed with the Surgery Center which I understand several of you have recently purchased. The nursing staff there was very professional and took quite good care of me. Thanks for everything.

Stephen C. Schindler, Sr., M.D.

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