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Our Credentials - Hernia Surgery, Cleveland, Ohio

Dr. Grischkan, the medical director of the Hernia Center of Ohio, is a native of Canada. He studied at McGill University in Montreal, Canada, where he obtained extensive training in the Shouldice hernia technique.

In 1976 he was invited to the Cleveland Clinic and later in 1979 left to embark on a teaching career. In 1983 he founded the Hernia Center of Ohio as a center of excellence for hernia surgery. Using the Shouldice, Canadian repair he was able to achieve results that were unmatched at that time, while pioneering outpatient hernia surgery in this country. Based upon an extensive experience, the Modified Shouldice Technique was developed for massive or failed hernias that were not candidates for the Shouldice Method and would have otherwise had to be subjected to far more invasive and riskier approaches.

Dr. Grischkan has been an invited lecturer in hernia surgery at numerous meetings throughout this country. In 1992, he co-chaired an international hernia symposium at the University of Leuvin in Belgium. The next year, he was a keynote speaker at two international meetings in Italy.

In 1997, he was a principal investigator for a national research project to develop a new mesh for implantation in hernia surgery. This study was presented at an international meeting and published in 2000.

Dr. Grischkan has performed over 20,000 hernia repairs. Many of these patients, referred from all over this country and the world, were very difficult failed repairs for which most surgeons were unwilling to perform additional surgery. The success rate in this group of patients alone attests to the expertise and unmatched results achieved by him. Little wonder why so many doctors have had their hernias repaired by Dr. Grischkan at the Hernia Center of Ohio in Cleveland.

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