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Hernias: Umbilical, Ventral Hernia - Cleveland, Ohio Hernia

A ventral hernia refers to a bulge occurring anywhere in the abdomen. They most often appear in the upper abdomen and can vary in size. They are generally considered a congenital development and therefore can occur at all ages.

These types of hernias are very similar to incisional hernias, but lack the presence of a prior surgical incision. It is highly recommended to have them repaired when the diagnosis is made, since they can become very large with time. When the bowels become trapped in the hernia sac, bowel obstruction and strangulation become serious risks.

Our Modified Shouldice Repair technique has advanced the repair of these hernias. The procedure is performed with twilight sedation, generally taking less than 30 minutes. A mesh is placed in accordance with Shouldice principles avoiding any tension. Patients are discharged within 45 minutes following the procedure. No other method can come close to the success rate and rapid, pain free recovery we consistently achieve with our specialized repair.

Patients resume full, unrestricted activities two to three days following the surgery. As a result of our outstanding success rate and rapid recovery, patients from as far as California, Texas and Alaska, have opted to have their hernias repaired at the Hernia Center of Ohio.

Umbilical Hernia

This type of hernia is due to a congenital weakness of the lining(fascia) in the umbilicus(bellybutton). Frequently seen at birth, it can often first present in adulthood. In most cases there are no symptoms, although these is a small risk for strangulation of the bowel.

While most umbilical hernias stay relatively small, many do enlarge with time and can reach the size a grapefruit. Surgical repair should be performed for those umbilical hernias that cause discomfort or enlarge.

While many surgeons use a large incision, our unique approach repairs the hernia from within the bellybutton, leaving virtually no scar visible. The repair takes less than 15 minutes and is done under twilight anesthesia. Most patients resume full, unrestricted activities the day after the surgery. The unique advantages of a rapid recovery and prompt resumption of activities has attracted patients from all over the country.

If you have an umbilical or ventral hernia and want a rapid recovery with lasting results, call the Hernia Center of Ohio at 800-MD4-HERN(ias).

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