About Dr. David Grischkan

Dr. Grischkan, a native Canadian, attended medical school and received his early surgical training in Canada. It is at this time that he received extensive training in the Canadian non-mesh Shouldice hernia repair that was developed by Dr. Earl Shouldice, a Canadian surgeon, approximately 75 years ago. He has performed nearly 25,000 repairs of inguinal, recurrent inguinal, femoral, incisional, ventral, umbilical and sports hernias. As a consultant for several university sports teams, he has extensive experience in managing sports hernias.

He founded the Hernia Center of Ohio in 1983, emphasizing the repair of hernias with no mesh. Achieving unmatched results utilizing the Shouldice (Canadian) tissue repair without the use of mesh, the center grew rapidly with referrals from every state in the United States and globally from as far as Australia, the Middle East, Europe, England, South America and Canada. Many of these patients presented with prior failed mesh repairs and underwent successful repairs without mesh at the Hernia Center of Ohio.

Dr. Grischkan has been an invited lecturer at numerous universities in Europe and in the United States. He was honored to partner with the Shouldice Clinic in Canada to publish research on chronic pain resulting from hernia mesh implanted by other surgeons. He has also been a sought after expert in medical legal malpractice cases, most recently being the lead medical expert in a class action lawsuit against one of the major manufacturers of hernia mesh devices.

The tremendous growth of the Hernia Center of Ohio has been due to Dr. Grischkan’s singular focus on the individual patient, delivering personalized care and avoiding the use of mesh. Unlike hospitals where trainees perform the surgery, Dr. Grischkan performs the entire surgical repair. The fact that he has operated on hundreds of doctors from all over the country is a testament to his experience and ability to achieve outstanding results without the use of mesh implants.

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