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Like Mr. Olympia champions Phil Heath and Big Ramy as well as weekend athletes like you!

Phillip Heath

A seven time Mr. Olympia. Ranked #1 in the world.

Back to the gym four days following hernia surgery.

Fouad Abiad

Won numerous competitions and is ranked among the Top 10 bodybuilders in the world.

Returned to the gym four days after hernia surgery.

big ramy hernia surgery doctor

Big Ramy

Ranked among the Top 3 bodybuilders in the world, he has competed and won Mr. Olympia as well as numerous other international competitions

He flew home to the Middle East on the third day following hernia surgery and returned to the gym within a few days.

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Doctors Prefer Dr. Grischkan for Their Hernia Repairs

Doctors across America choose the Hernia Center of Ohio as their preferred destination for hernia surgery due to several compelling reasons. Firstly, the center’s expertise in the Shouldice Technique, a proven mesh-free approach with a failure rate of less than 1%, sets it apart as a leader in hernia repair.

NON-MESH Hernia Repair
The Updated Shouldice Technique

Hernia repairs in the United States predominantly rely on polypropylene mesh, which has demonstrated success in reducing recurrence rates. However, the use of mesh has brought to light concerning complications arising from its inflammatory properties. Chronic pain, mesh migration, entrapment of the spermatic cord, and abdominal wall stiffness are among the reported complications, often necessitating additional surgeries. In contrast, the Shouldice Technique, a mesh-free approach to hernia repair, has proven to be highly effective, boasting a failure rate of less than 1% in expert hands.

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We appreciate the following video from the family of David, a courageous young hernia repair patient.

Learn More About Your Type of Hernia Condition

Inguinal Hernias

Inguinal Hernias

Bulge in the groin or swelling of the scrotum. Most common type of hernia. 90% of patients are men and 10% of patients are women.
Inguinal Hernia Details

Femoral Hernias

Femoral Hernias

Occurs through the femoral ring, a natural opening in the groin. Most common in women and accounts for less than 5% of all hernias.
Femoral Hernia Details

Incisional Hernias

Incisional Hernias

An unsightly bulge, which, if left alone, can lead to numerous complications, including bowel obstruction and strangulation.
Incisional Hernia Details

Ventral / Umbilical Hernias

Ventral / Umbilical Hernias

A ventral hernia is a type of hernia that results in a bulge in the abdomen. Umbilical hernias are a type of hernia caused by a weakness in the fascia (lining) at the umbilicus (bellybutton).
Ventral / Umbilical Hernia Details

Sports Hernias

Sports Hernias

A sports hernia is a painful condition of the groin predominantly arising with athletic activities.
Sports Hernia Details

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Hernia Specialist With A Reputation For Success Without Mesh

Dr. Grischkan, a native Canadian, attended medical school and received his early surgical training in Canada. It is at this time that he received extensive training in the Canadian non-mesh Shouldice hernia repair that was developed by Dr. Earl Shouldice, a Canadian surgeon, approximately 75 years ago. He has performed nearly 25,000 repairs of inguinal, recurrent inguinal, femoral, incisional, ventral, umbilical and sports hernias. As a consultant for several university sports teams, he has extensive experience in managing sports hernias.