Doctors across America continue to choose the Hernia Center of Ohio as the preferred center for their own hernia surgery. This is due to four key factors:

Many centers are just now starting to offer non-mesh hernia repairs due to the multitude of complications associated with mesh. However, their entire hernia experience has been with mesh repairs. At the Hernia Center of Ohio, Dr. Grischkan has been specializing in the non-mesh Shouldice repair for over 35 years. Moreover, Dr. Grischkan personally performs every hernia repair with no trainees, technicians or medical students practicing on you. Experience counts which is why so many doctors from all over the country have sought us out.

The following is a patial list of doctors who have done their research and opted to have their hernias repaired at the Hernia Center of Ohio.
Doctor’s Initials Specialty State
LK Orthopedic Surgeon Ohio
EK Anesthesiologist Oklahoma
AT Cardiologist New York
DP Vascular Surgeon Florida
BW Dermatologist Nevada
BS General Surgeon Florida
AE Cardiologist Florida
JL Cardiac Surgeon Ohio
RA Cardiac Surgeon Ohio
DD Dermatologist Pennsylvania
AH Radiology Ohio
PG Internist Ohio
EO Internist North Carolina
PM Family PracBce Ohio
ME Internist Ohio
WM Psychiatry Ohio
GM Gastroenterology Michigan
JS Internist Michigan
TH Internist Ohio
GT Internist Pennsylvania
DD Anesthesiologist Ohio
DE Family Medicine Pennsylvania
MB Internist Michigan
MK Orthopedic Surgeon Ohio
MW PlasBc Surgeon Ohio
GT Internist Michigan
JS Anesthesiologist Ohio
AA Internist Kentucky
PA General Surgeon Illinois
JH Anesthesiologist Ohio
DK Gastroenterologist West Virginia
RV Internist Michigan
DK Pathologist Ohio
FH Dermatology Ohio
CS Oral Surgeon Ohio
SA Vascular Surgeon Florida
JL Cardiac Surgeon Ohio
FP Oncologist Ohio
SM Internist Nevada
JR Internist Ohio
BS General Surgeon Florida
MW Plastic Surgeon Ohio
PS Anesthesiologist Kansas
JL Anesthesiologist Georgia
BS Nephrologist Ohio
JS Internist Ohio
DD Dermatologist Pennsylvania
JM Orthopedic Surgeon Ohio
RA Cardiac Surgeon Ohio
KJ Orthopedic Surgeon Ohio
GT Orthopedic Surgeon Texas
PT Gastroenterology Ohio
AG Pulmonary Medicine Ohio
JV Opthalmology Ohio
RR Family Medicine Michigan
MZ Cardiology New York
MF Orthodontics Ohio
DO Internist Colorado
DD Family Practice Pennsylvania
FA Ear Nose Throat Ohio
IS Gastroenterology Florida
EW Internist Tennessee
SS Gastroenterology Kentucky
JD Emergency Room Ohio
GD Orthodontics New New Jersey
IL Spine Surgeon Florida
JG Optometrist Ohio
MG Cardiology Ohio
ML OB/GYN Kansas
RH Family Medicine Ohio
EP Gastroenterology Ohio
WM Psychologist Ohio
RM Optometrist Illinois
BZ Vascular Surgeon Ohio
LK Orthopedic Surgeon Ohio
DR Internist Tennessee
SF Internist Ohio
MH Cardiology Indiana
BO Neurosurgeon Ohio
JH Internist Ohio
WP Cardiology Ohio
JW Opthalmology Ohio
JB Oral Surgeon Michigan
EE Opthalmology Ohio