Over the last 10 years insurance companies have reduced their payments levels in many cases to less than 25% of what used to be standard payment while quadrupling premiums. Consequently, we elected to drop most insurance plans. We strive to keep our fees reasonable and stay committed to providing the most cost effective services for our patients with generous discounts.
We will bill your insurance company on your behalf and you, the patient, will receive the insurance check less any deductible you have. For any surgery you will receive separate bills for the operating room, for the anesthesiologist and another from the surgeon. In general, insurers pay very well to surgery centers for the operating room and to anesthesiologists due to their high volume. As a result, they have agreed to apply steep discounts to any balance.
This high level of payment is generally not the case for the surgeon, which is why you may have a balance following the insurance payment. If this payment for the surgery procedure is extremely low, we are able to provide some discount on the balance to make the surgery very affordable. Additionally, we can arrange for monthly payments with no interest charged.
In essence, contrary to what your insurer may tell you to steer you to the surgeon who provides steep write-offs for them (in-network), the only real balance you may incur is from the surgeon and this is in most cases very manageable after a discount is applied. Surgery is not about the lowest price but about the best results. That is why only Dr. Grischkan performs the surgery, not trainees, medical students or surgical technicians. You cannot afford to make the wrong choice when choosing a surgeon, as the consequences are lifelong.


For patients with no insurance or high deductibles, we can offer a steeply discounted global package that is all-inclusive for the surgical procedure. This fee is far lower than the combined cost for the separate billing for the operating room, anesthesia and surgeon that would be sent to an insurance company on behalf of the patient. There are no hidden charges – the fee you are quoted is what you pay no matter how complex, time consuming or additional findings in surgery.
While you may find lower cost, they cannot match the expertise and world class results that has attracted patients to the Hernia Center of Ohio from all over the United States, Europe, the Middle East, Canada, Mexico and South America.

If you have a hernia call the Hernia Center of Ohio at 216-591-1422 and discover just how affordable expert surgery is.