After you did a successful hernia repair on my husband, I asked for your help. I had three major abdominal surgeries which included among other things, a colostomy, its reversal, and later removal of an intestinal obstruction. I was left with wire sutures protruding the length of my incision, much abdominal discomfort, a limited diet and weight loss.

After getting the records of my previous surgeries, you agreed to repair my now massive incisional hernias. Once you had opened my old incision, you not only repaired the hernias, you took down multiple small bowel obstructions, repaired a prolapsed bladder, removed the wire sutures, did a complete reconstruction of the abdominal wall and did a superb incisional closure.

I now eat well, foods that had been restricted for four years, now without any problems. I have gained weight and best of all I have an abdomen that is functioning properly.

You are truly a gifted surgeon and I bless you every day.

Gladys Peterson

Incisional Hernia Surgery: Gladys Peterson, Ohio

This is a letter to express my deep appreciation for the wonderful treatment of my hernia surgery on June 10, 2010. It is amazing to me that with the complexity of this hernia operation that I awoke with virtually no pain or discomfort. Just as equally amazing is the fact that only a couple of days later, my life is totally back to normal and I am well and fit.

Probably the best way I can explain my confidence in you is this. My health insurance United HealthCare would have paid 100% for this operation at almost any hospital in Maryland, Washington DC, and northern Virginia. Even though I tried with persistence and perseverance, this preferred provider plan won’t pay outside this network. However, I chose to come to you and pay my own way because, quite honestly, you are the very best. There are so many vital organs in this region and so many possible complications that I couldn’t possibly list them all because I am not a doctor. But I do know that there can be many complications when the surgery is performed by an average surgeon-such as a nicked bowel during surgery and dozens of other serious complications that have longterm highly unpleasant consequences.

This doesn’t even begin to touch upon the possible high percentage of hernia surgical failures caused by other surgeons-such as what happened to my father-in-law a dozen years ago. In his case they later had to do “exploratory” surgery and cut him open from stem to stern to figure out what was wrong-which was later traced back to the tangled “mesh” installed with his initial hernia surgery.

Without a moment’s hesitation, I would absolutely, positively do it again because it was unequivocally the right choice. To you my complicated hernia surgery was just another average routine hernia surgery that you probably could have done in your sleep. To me, it was everything. You are indeed a caring and magnificent surgeon, a true gifted healer, and I can’t possibly begin to thank you enough for restoring me back to health.

Dr. Grischkan, you clearly have my gratitude and thanks.

Incisional Hernia Surgery: James Tauber, Maryland

Evelyn Hancock

I am so grateful that Dr. Melvin Dinner referred me to you and that I was able to benefit from your remarkable hernia repair expertise. Since our first meeting, I have been impressed with your reassuring manner and the confidence you inspire.

In performing my challenging three-hour incisional repair hernia surgery, you were able to overcome tremendous obstacles created by two previous failed hernia repairs by another physician and several other surgeries.

Although my recovery was quite painful at the beginning, your encouraging words, “I think you’ll be quite pleased”, gave me the incentive to do the walking and other exercises so necessary in relieving the stiffness and soreness I experienced. It seems so good to have my abdominal area feeling more secure and supported.

You have had a powerful impact on my life Dr. Grischkan. My future looks a lot brighter now, and I say a daily prayer of gratitude that you, with your God given talent, came into my life to perform a real miracle.

Evelyn Hancock

Incisional Hernia Surgery: Evelyn Hancock