My name is Bruce Barrett. You performed two surgeries on me for separate and unrelated hernias over the past six months, and I want to take a minute to write to thank you for your excellent care.

For better or worse, I have become an unintentional connoisseur of surgeons recently, having undergone four other procedures over the past five years for conditions unrelated to the hernia repairs, so I have a pretty good idea of how different surgeons do what they do; while I’ve been fortunate to have had excellent surgeons, your work and care stood out from all the others for many reasons.

First, you personally saw me through the entire process, from my initial examination through my post- operative follow-ups. Because of that, I felt that you were completely familiar with my situation and as a result, would be able to produce the best possible surgical outcome, which was the case. Also, because any surgery produces at least a little anxiety in a patient, close contact between the surgeon and the patient is a powerful confidence builder and anxiety reducer for the patient. None of my other surgeons established and maintained this kind of long-term contact with me.

Second, you performed the surgery yourself, my surgical procedures weren’t training situations. While I understand that new surgeons need to train somehow, we patients select surgeons because of their own particular training, skills, and experience, not because of who trains under them.

Most important, my surgeries went extremely well. I experienced surprisingly little discomfort, and recovery time was amazingly short. I was able to resume normal activities much sooner than I expected. Everything went exactly the way you said it would…no surprises!

You were straightforward, clear, and absolutely honest about all aspects of my care. You gave me clear explanations about everything from the surgical procedures to the cost of services. I appreciated knowing exactly what was going on at all times.

Also, I found you to be extremely friendly, caring, and respectful in everything you did. While those are probably bonus characteristics to find in a surgeon, they were great bonuses for me. Every service you provided to me reflected those values, and I deeply appreciate that.

Finally, everyone I came into contact with at your office also reflected those same values. The folks working with you were kind, compassionate, accurate, and incredibly helpful. I wish I could thank each of them personally.

Thank you so much, doctor! Please know that this patient noticed and appreciated not only the outstanding care but also the many careful and thoughtful ways you structured your practice. It is clear that providing excellent care to patients is your highest priority.

Bruce Barrett, Ph.D.

Inguinal Hernia: Bruce Barrett

Here it is two weeks after hernia surgery and I am a new man. I was scarcely able to get out of bed in the morning much less go to work, run my business, help care for my two teenage sons – just the normal part of every day living of a man in his 40s. The huge hernia I had totally incapacitated me. I luckily found you as I desperately searched for other alternatives to the mesh repair commonly used by other doctors to repair hernias. Your Modified Shouldice Method for hernia repair was the answer to my prayers. It is all that you describe and more.

The simplicity of the outpatient surgery, the comfort that a skilled specialist such as yourself who has performed over 20,000 of these types of surgeries would be the hand behind the scalpel was comforting. The knowledge that you would not cut out my nerves or amputate my “family jewels” as was suggested by other surgeons that I had consulted with and the minimal pain I experienced after your surgery is all just short of a miracle to me.

Three days after my surgery I was able to drive to our vacation destination. Now two weeks following surgery the only evidence that a surgery had even happened is a light pink line on my groin. You are worth every penny of your fee because what price does one put on the quality of life.

Thank you for giving me back mine!!!!!!

Kevin Hanzak

Inguinal Hernia Surgery: Kevin Hanzak, Cleveland Ohio