It’s been a few months since you did my surgery, that gave me back a normal life. I’ll take you back on what was a bad year of my life. April of 2006 I had a femoral hernia for which I had surgery in my area. I did nothing the first week, like I was told, did my check-ups, always had discomfort but was told that was normal. After three weeks, I went back to work for four hours a day. At my job I sit most of the time, get up maybe 10-15 times and use my chair with wheels when I could, still had pain. Went back to the surgeon he put me off work again.

Again, I did nothing but laid around, after a couple of weeks, tried work once more. Still pain, and getting worse. My job is seasonal so I got laid off. Now was the time to find out what was going on. Went back to the surgeon, told him there was still a lot of pain and it was getting worse. It actually hurt to wear jeans and under garments, because of the groin area were the surgery was. He informed me that it takes time for the nerves to heal, he gave me a shot in the incision and sent me on my way. ( I cried ) I then went back to my gen. Dr. for help.

Then that began numerous doctors, tests, medications, crying and begging for help. The pain kept getting worse, I had to move out of my second story apt. cause I couldn’t walk up and down the steps. Got to the point where I had trouble getting in and out of cars, couldn’t even lift a gallon of milk. Sleepness nights pain was 24-7. All doctors agreed, the nerves weren’t healing the way they should, and I would have to learn to live with it. I GOT SCARED!

Then I heard about you and the hernia center. Made an appointment, you checked me over, and I’ll never forget those words of hope, you said (you could help me.) My surgery was April 6, 2007. I did my walking, and in about a week I was doing things I haven’t been able to do for a year. I remember crying when I was able to pick up my leg to put my shoe on. WOW!

I will always be grateful to you. You and your staff were so kind and helpful. If I ever had questions, you always took the time.

From the bottom of my heart, Thank-You You are the best…..

Gale Schikora