After you did a successful hernia repair on my husband, I asked for your help. I had three major abdominal surgeries which included among other things, a colostomy, its reversal, and later removal of an intestinal obstruction. I was left with wire sutures protruding the length of my incision, much abdominal discomfort, a limited diet and weight loss.

After getting the records of my previous surgeries, you agreed to repair my now massive incisional hernias. Once you had opened my old incision, you not only repaired the hernias, you took down multiple small bowel obstructions, repaired a prolapsed bladder, removed the wire sutures, did a complete reconstruction of the abdominal wall and did a superb incisional closure.

I now eat well, foods that had been restricted for four years, now without any problems. I have gained weight and best of all I have an abdomen that is functioning properly.

You are truly a gifted surgeon and I bless you every day.

Gladys Peterson