At age 54, and having gone through other kinds of surgery, I’ve got to say that I am very favorably impressed with the rapid recovery I’ve had since my hernia operation.

On day three after the operation, I was outside cleaning house screens, scrubbing down the siding, and followed those chores with a round of 9-holes golf (walking) with my wife. Closely following your express directions to walk after surgery, along with the Shouldice method which you so expertly practice, must be the key ingredients to healing.

While in your office on day 5 after surgery, I heard from a new patient who came in from Kansas City to be repaired after having gone through three earlier hernia repairs. He, as I did, found out about you on your Website. I listened to his horrible history of arduous and painful recovery from multiple traditional hernia surgeries…a not uncommon story that I have also heard from many others, including relatives.

I not only want to thank you for the excellent repair and painless recovery I had (I only took ibuprofen for a day, and never used the prescribed pain pills) but reiterate the same for my daughter Beth, who you healed in ’99 just before she was headed for college.

I’m giving strong endorsements for you to whomever I come into contact, when the subject of hernia repair comes up (which is pretty frequent right now as everyone is asking me how I’m doing, and they are equally amazed at my progress)! I’m a strong believer in you and wish you godspeed in your endeavors.

Bob Mazurak