The thought of having hernia surgery was pretty scary to someone who, other than recent cataract surgery, had limited contact with the medical profession. I am believer in doing homework on the Internet before surgery or another treatment. I was looking for a state-of-the-art procedure that could be accomplished in a day surgery center and would not involve a lengthy period of restricted activity.

I was pleased to find that one of the world’s leading centers for hernia repair was right in Beachwood. I would have been willing to go anywhere to avoid traditional surgery. I remember what it was like when my father-in-law had his hernia repair by a general surgeon.

I was surprised how quickly I could get an appointment, and really impressed that surgery could be performed almost immediately after the diagnosis. Your manner, professionalism and sense of humor put me at ease. I also liked the fact that you did the necessary “preoperative” examination, so I did not need to go to another physician.

On the day of the surgery, all went very smoothly. The staff of the Independence Surgery Center was very professional and put me at ease. Surgery was accomplished very quickly and before I knew it, I was being cleared to leave. Later in the day, I was doing my required walking and followed up on this for the next two days. By the third day, I was driving, swimming on the fourth day, and playing golf on the seventh day. My co-workers were amazed to see me on Monday, able to walk up four flights of stairs to my office. The people in our golf group were even more impressed.

I would recommend this procedure to anyone needing hernia surgery. I would also urge people to, at the first sign of a hernia, come for an evaluation. My hernia had gotten large, because of not investigating treatment options sooner. I could not believe how much better I have felt after the surgery. The hernia had sapped some of my energy and made walking, standing for long periods of time and golfing uncomfortable.
Thank you. Dr. Grischkan and the staff of the Hernia Center of Ohio.

Dr. Thomas W. Gannon