I thought it quite appropriate for me to write to you on the one year anniversary of my successful hernia repair. I have had absolutely no problems or signs of recurrence. Your thoroughness, via the Shouldice method in conjunction with your skilled application of the prosthetic mesh, has rendered me once again able to enjoy a fully active lifestyle.

I wish that many others with hernias would learn of your competence so they can again have the hope of a reliable, healthy abdomen. You see, for years I was told by several different physicians that hernia surgery was one of the easiest procedures to perform in the operating room. However, again and again after I had surgery, I would experience a recurrent hernia. I thought: “If this were such an easy procedure then why can’t someone do the job right?” It was explained to me that since my father had similar hernia occurrences and recurrences that I was likely to continue experiencing the same. This thought seemed rather revolting to me since a good repair was “supposed” to be a rudimentary exercise for a good surgeon.

It became evident after my disheartening recurrences, that successful hernia surgeries were not easy. Logic told me that if these supposedly easy procedures were not effective, then what I needed was a hernia specialist. This type of surgeon was difficult to find since most hernias are performed as a sideline surgery in the practice of a General Surgeon. I even went to the Cleveland Clinic twice for the repair with no success. Then I learned about you and your specialty and my hope was rekindled. Your procedure was revolutionary as I reflect upon it. I was comfortable in my twilight anesthetic state and was up walking within an hour after my surgery. Never have I experienced such a quick recovery.

Dr. Grischkan, as a Seminary student studying for the pastorate, I am reminded of a verse in the Book of Proverbs in the Old Testament that applies to your surgical proficiency: “Do you see a man skilled in his work? He will stand before kings; he will not stand before obscure men.” Prov. 22:29

May both the King and common man learn afresh about hope as they are treated under the skillful hands that God has given you.

With gratitude,

Ken Carozza

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