Many thanks for your prompt and personal reply to my recent E-mail. I assumed that, because of your busy schedule, I would get a reply from your receptionist in two or three weeks. What a welcome surprise!

I am now 68 years old and enjoying a great retired life at the beach in Florida. I exercise regularly at a fitness center and was pleased to get your approval that I could include “ANY” type of abdominal exercises in my fitness routine.

I’m not sure if I ever told you how apprehensive (actually scared-stiff) I was about having my ventral hernia repaired. Consequently, prior to the surgery, I talked to several of your former patients, read about hernias and the Shouldice hernia technique. Although I am not qualified to make a judgment, that surgical technique seemed logical to me. That information coupled with your outstanding credentials and massive experience led me to you- ie: THE HERNIA CENTER OF OHIO. My research had paid off! Here I am about twelve years later enjoying the good retired life at the beach in Florida.

Although routine to you, my overly cautious concern following the surgery caused me to call your office several times with questions about the surgery results. In every case you personally returned every call and tried allay my fears or, for my peace of mind, scheduled an appointment in your office. I cannot begin to express how comforting and reassuring that was. Your accessibility and willingness to address my concerns was very thoughtful and I will always remember that!

Your reply to my recent E-mail served as catalyst for me to express this appreciation to you. If anyone would want to contact me, I would be happy to relate my experiences. Please feel free to give them my E-mail address. In my book, Dr. Grischkan is the man!

Richard Jacoby