Dear Dr. Grischkan,

This is just a note to say thank you for the wonderful job you did on my recurrent hernia.

As you know, I had an umbilical hernia repaired three times. The first time the stitches tore loose, and the second time I was in pain for seven months.

After the second operation, I searched the Internet and wrote six hernia specialists across the country and in England. The predominant advice I received was to wait another six months to see if the pain would subside.

You were the only doctor who correctly diagnosed the problem and explained that the surgery would only take about half-an-hour.

To tell the truth I was skeptical.

But after talking with you on the phone and asking enough questions to convince myself that you know what you were doing, I went ahead and scheduled the surgery … even though I had to fly halfway across the country to have it.

I’m glad I did. If I had listened to the other specialists I would still be in pain.

The amazing thing to me was that the first two surgeries left me in pain for weeks, and required a six-week recovery period.

With your method I was up and on my feet the next day, and was back to doing my normal activities the day after. What a difference?

Another plus was the fact that you cost two-thousand dollars LESS than the first doctor who did my hernia surgery.

Feel free to share this letter or post it on your website.

My advice to anyone who is considering hernia surgery — call Dr. Grischkan and talk to him about it. After 10,000 plus surgeries he knows what he’s doing. I’m living proof.

P.S. Your office staff – Carol and Beth – were great, and I was pleasantly surprised by how nice Cleveland was.