I want to take this opportunity to thank you for your time and effort to repair what I had begun to think was un-repairable. For the 2 years and 4 months before seeing you, I had been in and out of the emergency room several times, seen several local doctors, and to the Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville for my condition all to no avail. None of them were willing to repair the damage to my stomach done by the other surgeon in December of 2002. I had heard, “It is something you are going to have to adapt to and learn to live with,” “It is too risky to try and repair unless it is a dire emergency,” “Your skin is thin and that is the best that you can expect,” from various surgeons and GI doctors.

My frustration, anger, and depression grew. Many nights I went to bed in tears because of the intense pain. It felt like hundreds of knives were in my abdomen. I knew that the damage done by the other surgeon was serious and desperately needed repaired. Every day I feared that my stomach or bowels would rapture. I would go from extreme diarrhea for extended periods of time to extreme constipation (causing hospitalization.) I was unable to lie down at night without the help of my husband.

The little things, such as tying my shoes had to be done with utmost caution because I couldn’t just bend over like you or anyone else would. I had to bend just the right way, or it would feel like the mesh and threads were coming right through the skin. If I did turn or bend in the “wrong” way, I would always look and check to see if the mesh had come through the skin. As you know, I have two small children whom are now two and three years old. I was unable to pick them up and carry them without hurting, and could not carry them at all at times. I could not lie on the floor on my stomach or my back and play with them. I could not have them in the vicinity of my stomach without being on guard that they may hit it with their little parts.

Since your repaired me, my husband tells me that I am a completely different person. He is thrilled with the results and said that I was doing better one week after the surgery with you than I was doing the day before the surgery. I feel great, I am working out and walking, I can play with my children, I can have fun with my husband, I can enjoy a good meal because my bowels are working properly, and most importantly of all, I can live without the fear of my stomach or bowels rupturing. I can live again. Thank you again; you have been a true blessing to me and my family. Please feel free to use this letter as a reference any time.

Tiffiney Rigby