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Hernias: Hiatal Hernia Repair, Cleveland, OH

Reflux esophagitis is a common condition often referred to as “heartburn”. This results from acid refluxing into the lower esophagus, which can cause varying degrees of inflammation.

In a number of studies, 60% to 90% of patients with reflux esophagitis have been found to have a defect on the diaphragm muscle, which separates the chest cavity from the abdomen. This permits the upper portion of the stomach to squeeze through the defect and enter the chest cavity. This is referred to as a hiatal hernia.

Physiological studies have demonstrated the presence of a higher zone of pressure in the lowest four inches of the esophagus(food pipe). This area has been referred to as a physiologic sphincter because it is at higher resting pressure than the stomach. This is a protective barrier, as it serves to prevent the reflux of caustic acid into the esophagus during the digestion of food. When malfunctioning as a result of a hiatal hernia, acid can reflux and cause inflammation and ulceration in the esophagus. Longterm complications can include stricture of the esophagus, bleeding and the development of cancer.

Treatment for this condition is aimed at preventing the damage from the reflux of acid. Sophisticated diagnostic modalities such as pH testing and manometry can aid in the confirmation of the presence of significant refux. Treatment is primarily non-operative and utilizes the latest in H2 receptor blockers, to decrease acid output by the stomach. Coupled with diet modification and weight control, many cases of reflux can be successfully controlled.

While most patients respond favorably to medical management, those that continue to have symptoms are best treated by surgical intervention. Additionally, patients who prefer not to be on lifelong medications are candidates for surgical correction.

The procedure of choice is the Nissen Fundoplication. Here, a portion of the upper stomach is wrapped around the lower esophagus, completely encircling it. This creates a unidirectional valve, recreating the “physiologic sphincter” of the lower esophagus. The procedure takes less than an hour and patients are discharged the next morning after an overnight stay in our facility. Results with this procedure indicate at least a 95% success rate.

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