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What Patients Say: Inguinal Hernias

Here are testimonials from satisfied patients by hernia type:

Kevin Hanzak
Bruce Barrett
Ken Carozza, Dallas, Texas
Dr. Thomas W. Gannon
Nandor Horvath
Mike Lovenguth
Mike Lobsinger, Michigan
Bob Mazurak
Louis G. Pecek, Ph.D., John Carroll University
Stephen C. Schindler, Sr., M.D.
Bill Shuman
Jack Zugay, Treasurer, Arnold Palmer Enterprises

Edward Pesec
Former Administrator
Division of Anesthesiology
Cleveland Clinic Foundation

I am writing to thank you for the wonderful service I received. On the morning of my 65th birthday, I had surgery for a large hernia. Upon checking patient facts in the pre-op, my nurse Patty found out that it was my birthday. And the nurses sang happy birthday before taking me to the surgical suite. My operation lasted approximately 30 minutes and I was in recovery about 30 minutes, and then discharged. Forty five minutes later I was eating breakfast at Bob Evans restaurant.

Upon returning home I walked as directed. There was no pain and any discomfort was handled by 2 Advil liquid gels. At 7 pm that evening I was at my birthday party, Amazing!

As a former hospital administrator, where world class care was stressed, I did my research. I talked to several surgeons, at the best hospitals that Cleveland had to offer. I was looking for the best surgeon who was a perfectionist and a skilled patient centered professional support staff.

Your description of the operation and outcome were right on the money, even though my experience (as an administrator) would not let me believe it. You exceeded my expectations in every way.

Please feel free to share my experience with potential patients who are experiencing the dread and uncertainty of a pending operation. I did the research, picked what I felt was the best surgeon and I am extremely happy with the results. Thank you again!

Edward Pesec

Inguinal Hernias:
Patients travel from around the world to have hernias repaired.